“Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change – it can not only move us, it makes us move.”
―Ossie Davis

I like to write and share things that will have impact over a variety of disciplines and are not time-dependent, meaning that no matter what afflicts the world around you, you’ll find these words useful. This becomes more challenging as particular issues extend and extend and extend themselves further. However, there are lessons to learn in even this challenge.

No matter what accosts you as you move from one day to the next, your survivability depends largely on your ability to adapt and evolve, to learn your lessons and change your behaviors as situations change. And sometimes this is simple enough: what’s asked of you isn’t very much; just enough to elicit some change. But sometimes what’s asked of you is to change the way you think entirely.

This is not an easy feat, and not because of the patterns and habits you’ve developed, but rather because of one simple thing that underlies the entire drive to change: your willingness. Learning lessons and changing behaviors and altering perceptions don’t happen as a matter of course. They happen as a matter of your willingness to learn, to change, to alter. It’s never a matter of “can’t”—understand this very well: never ever is it “can’t”—it’s a matter of will. It’s not that you are incapable. It’s a question of whether or not you are willing.

There are costs associated with any decision. In some cases, the costs to remain the same are chosen over the costs required to learn, change, and alter. In other cases, the costs to remain the same are far too great. But no matter the cost, the decision to move in one direction or the other lies solely with you. You have to be willing to learn, change, and alter, or you have to be willing to accept the consequences in choosing to remain. The choice always lies with you.

And now, here’s the crux of the issue: the more you habitually choose to remain, the easier it will be to more consistently make that decision and damn the consequences! The corollary here is that the more often you choose to adapt and evolve, to learn, to change, to alter, the easier it will be to more consistently make those decisions and face those consequences. The consequences will be paid no matter what. The thing to consider is that in an ever-changing world, the consequences become ever more severe when you choose to remain.

It takes work to adapt and evolve. But more than that, it takes willingness.

So be willing.

Get moving.
Keep moving.