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I am pleased you’ve taken the time to visit strvtmvmnt.co (that’s “street movement”). In a time where fitness has become a commodity and the demand for high quality personal and group trainers continues to dramatically increase, it becomes ever important to understand who you’re getting involved with as you progress through your fitness journey.

That is the whole purpose behind this site and the blog: to assist you in understanding who I am and my role in the wide world of fitness. In summary, I work to help you meet your goals where you are with what you have. I produce quality content and programs to build and develop your mental fortitude and physical health. The information on this site and across strvtmvmnt’s media channels is aimed toward this goal, with a focus on the ability to apply this knowledge with no additional equipment necessary but your own body.

Naturally, there will be times when you might want to use additional equipment, and that’s okay. The point isn’t in limiting you to your environment, its in helping you utilize what’s available to you to achieve what you aim to achieve.

Keywords: functional and accessible.

I hope you find the information offered here compelling and useful. Your success contributes to my success, so I hope what you find here proves to help you be successful on your fitness journey.

Joshua Alexander, Fitness Consultant
Get Moving.
Keep moving.