what is strvtmvmnt? (and how do you say it?)

what is strvtmvmnt?

strvtmvmnt, pronounced “street movement,” is currently one individual working to help others get moving and keep moving in an approachable, sustainable, well-informed manner. When it comes to anything, it’s easy to burn out, to lose interest, to get distracted. This is compounded when working to become strong: exercise is uncomfortable and saying no to junk food is downright hard. And when it comes to your personal health and wellness, there are no shortcuts.

You have to do the work.

The work will be challenging, but the whole process doesn’t have to be terrible: strvtmvmnt pulls the rug from your excuses, so you can focus on the work. strvtmvmnt works to make the work a little more accessible, a little more doable, a little more follow-through-able. strvtmvmnt’s programs require nominal time commitments, no fitness equipment requirements, and help you establish consistency and discipline. strvtmvmnt’s classes will help you build strength and mobility throughout your entire body, and bring resiliency to your mind; you need only bring your body and your mat.

Welcome to strvtmvmnt. You want to get moving. You want to keep moving. strvtmvmnt will help.