“And one has to understand that braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear.”
—Paulo Coelho

Sometimes, the way forward is unknown. You can see the destination, but you’re unable to see the way to get there. When you started your journey, you had grand ideas, and you had mapped out a course, and you had collected all of the things you would need. And you felt ready to set off, so you did. And maybe you became aware of it shortly after you started. Or maybe it wasn’t until much later on down the path. But at some point, the realization strikes: you’re fucking LOST.

Maybe you took an unplanned detour. Maybe you went left when you should have gone right. Maybe you never had any fucking clue how to get there to begin with.

And allow me to interject and say that you don’t always have to know how to arrive somewhere. Sometimes just getting started is enough.

Despite all of this, you’re stuck. You’ve considered quitting, but that means you have to go back. But you don’t know which way is back. So what do you do? Doesn’t matter what you do, as long as what you do is move forward. What lies before you is unknown, and that can be uncomfortable. Terrifying, even. You can backtrack and try to find another way, but that may serve to get you lost even more.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re meant to make your own goddamned way.

Blaze a new trail. Other people have found success in ways that work for them. But their ways may not work for you. And more than likely, they won’t. You are you. Be you. Return your gaze to the goal, keep your gaze steady, move forward despite your own fear, and learn what it means to truly create.

Get moving,
Keep moving.