“Without a clear-cut vision and a proper reading of the roadmap we may not reach the buoyant shores of the horizon. If we only keep looking into the middle distance, we might easily walk straight into the wall.”

—Erik Pevernagie

First of all, don’t listen to Erik. The idea of a roadmap is laughable is when there exists no straight-forward path to arriving at any goal. While there are necessary tools to any discipline, there is no cookie-cutter way to find the particular success you are looking to achieve.

Ever taken a class and learned something one way, and it didn’t make sense, but when taking a class with a different instructor, it clicked? Some difference in the queueing or the tone made the difference. It’s a great illustration of the simple fact that we are all different and thus require different means to arrive in similar spaces. And even if you are working toward something similar as someone else, what you do with what you gain will be different than what the other person chooses to do with their achievement.

“Clear-cut vision” is probably the biggest take away from the above quote. In order to arrive anywhere, you must move forward with the goal always in mind. What is your what? And what is your why? Two vital questions on the road, trail, path to where you’re heading. Without intense focus on your goal, you’ll hit the wall again and again. The only way to get over the wall is to return to yourself, recenter, refocus, and begin again.

Want to press? Build a business? A website? Learn to ski? All the foundational work is necessary to press. Build your arms, shoulders, back, CORE. Learn to strategize, write, code, design. Develop the habits to practice regularly. And learn body-mind awareness. But beyond that? That shit is up to you to figure out. Different styles, different movement patterns, different ideas. So many variables are in play that the idea of a veritable roadmap for every path is, again, laughable.

You want to do something cool? Take the time to build your foundation. And keep your goal in mind. If you stay focused on your goal with clear-cut vision, you may crawl across plateaus, but you’ll spare yourself hitting the walls.

Get moving.
Keep moving.

Cover and featured image background by:
unsplash-logoNik Shuliahin