“Fixation is the way to death, fluidity is the way to life.”
— Miyamoto Musashi

The quote is perhaps only nominally misleading: fixation under particular circumstances can pave the way to fluidity. The main idea, to be immobile is to come to ruin, however, is yet further nuanced. You can look at fixation and fluidity as a matter of growth: fixation in the small things, until they are automatic and allow for greater freedom and fluidity in the big things. The key to finding success here is having the awareness to recognize when your fixed focus is helping you toward your goals, and when it’s becoming a hindrance. This awareness introduces the idea of fluidity IN fixation: when new information arrives that contradicts your current course, you learn to shift focus, remaining fixed on solidifying the foundational work, but changing it as necessary.

Over time, as you grow in your practice and become more competent in your skills, you transition from mostly fixed work to mostly fluid. But it’s a process, and one that isn’t to be avoided. Learn the process well, and you can apply it to anything and everything you want to learn; to any skill you want to gain.

But it takes work.

So do the work.

Get moving.
Keep moving.