Our bodies were designed for movement. And more than just needing it, we crave it. Strvtmvmnt (that’s “Street Movement”) exists to motivate and empower your desire and your ability to move however, wherever, and whenever you choose. Get moving. Keep moving. #strvtmvmnt.

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  • I have gained my self confidence back, discovered my strength has no limits, my happiness is at an all time high. I used to think yoga looked boring and easy. Now I’m hooked …

    Jeanna Core

  • Joshua is my favorite instructor! He has given a new life to Yoga, and his classes keep you laughing as he challenges you to strive for new goals … Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and support as I continue to transform my mind/body/soul!

    Denise Johnson

  • With his classes, I have gained confidence, strength, flexibility and balance. His classes are hard but rewarding if you stick with him.

    Pamela Elias

  • How lucky for me, I got the best yoga instructor out there, he made me fall in love with yoga, you can trust him, he is simply the best, his classes are tough, and fun, Joshua Genuinely cares and he’ll make sure you do everything the correct way so you don’t get injured …

    Joanne Van Laar