“You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”

I recently started learning to code. Learning to read and program in JavaScript, specifically. I got a wild hair up my ass about building a tool that will help me manage some of the programs I’ll be rolling out, because no such tool exists that I have in mind. And let me tell you something about learning how to code:

That shit is hard!

I’ve undertaken a series of coding challenges in each step of my journey, and each one has pushed the limits of the knowledge I have gained up to the point that I’ve attempted them. And each approach typically goes like this:

  1. Read through the challenge for comprehension.
  2. Feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect of having to create a solution using my very limited knowledge.
  3. Go do something else that is entirely unrelated to coding. Such as reading, playing Xbox, or mindlessly scrolling on social media (don’t judge, and don’t lie, you do this shit too).
  4. Understand that I’m not going to actually learn to code if I don’t actually code.
  5. Come back to the challenge and sit with it.
  6. Code.
  7. Get it wrong.
  8. Fix it.
  9. Get it wrong again.
  10. Fix it some more. Go back and relearn some shit.
  11. Get it wrong again.
  12. Re-read the challenge. Am I understanding the challenge properly?
  13. Code.
  14. Get it RIGHT.
  15. Move on to the next challenge, chapter, section, whatever.

It’s a process. An ugly, time-intensive, emotionally challenging process. But there’s a goal in sight and I have the willingness to work my way through this process over and over and over again until I get there. I don’t ever lose in this process. I learn. I learn a lot. And this keeps me going.

Listen: FAILURE IS NOT LOSING. Failure is learning.

Listen: EVERYTHING works this way. Everything. You want to run a marathon? Get the fuck up and run. And fail. And then run some more. You want to do a handstand? Get the fuck up and train. And fail. A lot. And then train some more. And then practice handstands. You want to build a business? Get the fuck up and start! Come up with ideas you think are great, but really are terrible and don’t go anywhere. And then come up with more ideas, better ideas, and then fail at those. And then keep going because over time, your ideas will continue to get better.

Eventually, YOU WILL FUCKING SUCCEED. But you have to show up. You have to be willing to fall flat on your face. And then you have to be willing to do it all over again. Look at the list above. Steps 6 through 15 are the journey! That’s it. That’s the whole fucking story. You wanna do anything at all, and it’s worth doing? Do steps 6 through 15 until you get there. If you want to do it, you have to do the work. And here’s a map for you to use.

You’re welcome.

Get moving.
Keep moving.