“Run. Because zombies will eat the untrained ones first!”
–Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

What’s the first rule of surviving the zombie apocalypse?


There are so many jokes and memes made about running … almost as many as there are runners, almost as many as there are studies that show the benefits of running, almost as many as there are those who want to start running. Almost, but not nearly as many. And it’s for one reason and one reason alone: you were born to run. I’ve written two articles about heart rate variability and how this serves as your body’s diagnostic tool to understand your physiological health and mental wellbeing. And many studies done that show improvement in heart rate variability focus on cardio-based workouts.

Fitness is for the mind, and in more ways than just mental fortitude: literally. Your body’s physiology improves when your central nervous system improves, and one of the surest ways to make this happen is by running. Consider this: thousands upon thousands of years of evolutionary guidance had us running and climbing to catch prey, run from predators, and gather food. Only in the last century have we settled in to a more sedentary lifestyle. And as a result of slowing down, as a result of not running, we’re plagued by heart disease, heart failure, obesity, and a number of other physiological issues that would otherwise be alleviated by movement.

We’re literally killing ourselves by sitting still.

So here’s your motive to run. And if you already run, and run regularly, here’s your motive to get a loved one that doesn’t run to run with you. Or get them started on running on their own. You don’t have to love running, but don’t have to hate it either.

Get moving.
Keep moving.

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