“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Dreams, goals, and resolutions. You set off on a path to accomplish something with the best of intentions. And somewhere along the way, you falter. Sometimes, you are very close to achieving your goal before you quit. However, more often than not, the quitting comes shortly after you’ve begun.


It isn’t a matter of skills acquisition and development; you know very well that shit will not be easy when you begin. It isn’t a matter of time; you have the time. Lack of time is due to poor time management or lack of proper prioritization. Is it a matter of willingness? To some degree, perhaps. It’s never a matter of “can’t.” Never. So what is it, then?

I argue that it’s a matter of self-belief. You either believe that you can or you cannot. It’s never a fact of “cannot.” You either believe you deserve it or you don’t. It’s never a matter of what you actually deserve: you earn what you work toward where skills are involved.

You have dreams that you turn into goals to achieve. And the only person, place, or thing that’s getting in your way to keep you from acquiring those goals is you. YOU are the limiting factor, and not because you lack the skills. Skills can be acquired. Not because you lack the time. The time is there; you make the time. Nay, it comes down to your own willingness to do the work, and your willingness correlates to how deep your self-belief runs.

Or lack thereof.

Start with your thinking. Commit to your goals. Shake off your self-sabotaging behavior and show up every single day. When you hit that first milestone, your conviction in yourself will build. Keep going, and eventually you’ll have developed a strong foundation upon which you can build your self-belief.

But it takes work. So show up and do the work.

Get moving.
Keep moving.