CORE. This is strvtmvmnt’s flagship foundational strength training program. The focus is on developing your abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles to support you in moving forward with any other goal you have.

Because if you want to build a skyscraper that lasts, you have to build a solid foundation.

This applies to any skill, ranging from being able to stand without using your hands all the way to training handstands presses. Foundation is key, and CORE excels in setting you on the journey to a strong foundation.

This program will not take you from zero to handstand or fix your health problems. But it will show you that you have the capability to strengthen yourself and give you the tools to do so. It will take you from “this hurts,” to “I can do that if I work on it.” This program will not only help you develop foundational core strength, it will also help you build mental strength, as well as help you create the habits you need to build a strong movement practice.

The time to get into CORE is fast approaching.

The next round of CORE will begin in October 2019. Sign up to receive more info on the the program, and to be notified when access goes on sale.


Get moving.
Keep moving.

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