CORE is currently unavailable. Updates will be posted later in 2022 when CORE becomes open to applicants. Thank you for your interest.

CORE. This is strvtmvmnt’s flagship foundational strength training program. The focus is on developing your abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles to support you in moving forward with any other goal you have.

Because if you want to build a skyscraper that lasts, you have to build a solid foundation.

This applies to any skill, ranging from being able to stand without using your hands all the way to training handstands presses. Foundation is key, and CORE Foundations exists to set you on the journey to a strong foundation.

Now, this is a no-nonsense program. It is six weeks of daily, core-intensive bodyweight training. I expect you to show up every single day for it. I take your success seriously, as should you. I’ve included the CORE commandments below to illustrate the level of commitment that is expected of you in the program. In purchasing the program, you agree to the following:

The CORE Commandments

1. Thou shalt do thy daily work. CORE is 42 days of work for each level, not 40, not 35, not 12. While I understand that shit happens, generally, you can still make time for the work, especially since these workouts shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes.

2. Thou shalt check-in every damn day. This is how I keep track that you’ve done the work. Each day will be a new channel. It is your responsibility to check-in for the day before I close the channel. The workflow is simple – open the app, review the workout, do the workout, check-in, cheer everyone else on, answer questions, return periodically. Simple, right? Don’t forget. Note: Sure, you can lie, you can fake it, but you’re really only letting yourself down. You didn’t come here to lie to yourself. You came here to build a strong core. So 1) do the work, and 2) check-in.

3. Thou shalt support each other fully. I’m working with you to help you develop the habit of daily movement, and you’re working with each other to support and build each other up. Exchange Instagrams, DM each other, start conversations, but be active. If you’re “too busy” to be active, you’re “too busy” for this program.
This is non-negotiable. The program is non-refundable. If you don’t want to be active in the program, don’t sign up. I will boot people for lack of engagement. “Engagement” means responding to others in the program, in addition to checking in.

4. Thou shalt not take thy CORE in vain. Shit happens. And it sucks. If shit goes down, talk to me. Illness and injury are valid. Vacation and “busy” are not. We’re all busy. This is all bodyweight, and the time constraints are minimal – do your workouts on the beach or in your hotel room, but DO THEM. Don’t want to workout on your vacation? Don’t sign up. Simple. I will not accept excuses from you, learn to not accept them for yourself. Also, if you’re involved in other programs and unsure of how this fits in with them, talk to me. I’m here to lead, guide, and support.

5. Thou shalt believe in thyself. You’re taking a MAJOR step in your journey for overall health. Movement is undervalued in a huge way in our culture, despite the admonition that we should exercise. Dropping the cash and committing to this program, then, is a huge commitment to yourself; one that you shouldn’t take lightly, and one that I certainly don’t. I believe in you. You believe in you.

This program will not take you from zero to handstand or fix your health problems. But it will show you that you have the capability to strengthen yourself and give you the tools to do so. It will take you from “this hurts,” to “I can do that if I work on it.” This program will not only help you develop foundational core strength, it will also help you build mental strength, as well as help you create the habits you need to build a strong movement practice.

The time to get into CORE is fast approaching.

The next round of CORE will begin November 1st, 2020. Contact me with any questions you have prior to getting signed up. Because once you’re in, there’s no turning back; you’ve committed to your own excellence. If you feel ready to dive in, tap the link below to be taken to the product page.


Get moving.
Keep moving.

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