“I stand firm in my solidarity
The path I walk (the path I walk)
I walk in with my own resolve
When darkness falls (when darkness falls)
We are reborn
A dream since the fall of man
We are reborn”
—killswitchengage 🤘

To build strength, you have to show up and put yourself into those uncomfortable places where the agony of effort breaks down your muscles and trains your neural systems to handle the duress to which you expend yourself. It’s not enough to pick up the weight and do a few reps. It’s not enough to make the run until you start to feel a little winded. It’s not enough to work until you feel a little bit of a burn. You actually have to push past the burn, push to the point of failure.

And then you do it again and again and again. Over and over and over. And there will be days you’ll feel stronger; and there will be days you’ll feel weaker. But you keep showing up until you are pushing larger weight, running farther, or moving in more complex patterns. The lighter, easier things, the shorter runs, the simpler movements will no longer draw your attention. But it’s a process to get there, and it happens over the long haul with many ups and downs.

Building strength isn’t linear. Neither are life lessons. You spiral through life, returning again and again to those things that test your mettle and push you to grow. Except in this case, it’s your character that grows, if you allow it.

“When darkness falls
We are reborn.”

Dance the dance, move with the spiral, allow yourself a million deaths, for they mean a million rebirths. Allow yourself to grow.

Get moving.
Keep moving.

Cover and featured image by
unsplash-logoGrillot edouard