“The beginning stages of anything are the hardest and it’s where most people quit. The beginning is when you find out those 5 simple steps are actually built out of 50 other miniature steps. It’s where you realize just how much work, time and energy it’s going to take.” — Pariss Athena

Everyone starts at the beginning. Everyone. No master became a master the moment they decided to begin. Even prodigies start at the beginning. There is no mastery without exposure, endurance, consistency, discipline, and plain old fucking hard work.

You have to be exposed to the reality of the work ahead of you in whatever you’ve decided to work through or become. You have to endure the many setbacks and failures it takes to arrive at success; and there are many. You have to be willing to show up every day to develop the skills you need to succeed—be consistent in your approach and disciplined in your focus. All of which is work. All of it.

It’s work to show up. It’s work to stay strong despite the failures. It’s work to stay focused and not get distracted. It takes work to arrive at competency, and even more work to arrive at mastery. All of it is work.

The good news, however, is that it’s just work. And it’s work you can do.

So do the work.

Get moving.
Keep moving.

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