You must have completed CORE I before participating in CORE II.

CORE II continues the focus on foundational strength, but steps up the workload substantially. You will build up your abdominal, pelvic, and spinal muscles to support your movement, bringing more complex movement into each workout. Here is what you can expect:

  • You will have workouts to complete daily. Your abdominal muscles are the only muscle group that can be broken down over and over again without needing the kind of rest other muscles need to recover. You will take advantage of this to build them up.
  • You need no extraneous equipment. All exercises are bodyweight. You just need the available space to move and to show up. With one exception: one block utilizes the wall for an exercise. Any vertical surface will suffice so long as it can support you if you apply your weight against it.
  • Exercises are more complex, consisting of repetitions of linked exercises and static postures.
  • Whereas CORE I workouts were brief, CORE II workouts may take up to 20 minutes to complete. These workouts are substantially more challenging, so be aware of any time constraints you may have and plan accordingly.

The course is set to launch on July 31st — the first day after Day Thirty of CORE I — at which time the first lesson will be available. Included in the course contents are daily videos with which to follow along and a discussion section within each lesson to communicate with other CORE members.

All sales are final! Please be 100% sure you are set on participating before you purchase access to this course. All questions may be directed to the course administrator at